The Green Blue Deal

Responsible Party and Year Completed: EcoPeace Middle East, 2020 (update in progress)


Status: In Progress

Contact:Gidon Bromberg –

Short term priorities:

  • Finalize solar electricity exchange agreements between Jordan, Israel, and Palestine.
  • Initiate pilot desalination projects in Gaza for regional water sharing.
  • Begin negotiations for a new water management agreement to replace Article 40 of the Oslo Accords.
  • Launch river rehabilitation and biodiversity projects in the Jordan Valley.
  • Develop and implement cross-border educational programs on sustainability.
  • Conduct stakeholder workshops and evaluate pilot schemes for feedback and refinement.

Long term priorities:

  • Establish a permanent regional framework for water and energy exchange for sustainability and peace, including Gaza in the framework.
  • Expand and scale up desalination and renewable energy projects for increased demand and environmental goals.
  • Secure a comprehensive water-sharing agreement for equitable access and sustainable management.
  • Achieve ecological restoration of rivers and biodiversity conservation across the region.
  • Embed sustainability and peacebuilding concepts into national educational systems and professional training programs.
  • Incorporate Gaza into the regional transportation network to boost trade and tourism.
  • Foster innovation and cooperation in water, energy, and agricultural practices for regional prosperity.

Immediate Priorities / Proposed Next Steps:

  • Draft and circulate detailed proposals for solar electricity and water exchange agreements that includes Gaza.
  • Secure initial funding and technological partnerships for the construction of a desalination plant in Gaza.
  • Schedule the first round of water management negotiations with clear objectives.
  • Identify priority sites and partners for river rehabilitation projects.
  • Outline curriculums and partnerships for sustainability-focused educational programs.
  • Organize a regional conference to present the Green Blue Deal and gather stakeholder input.