We are a cooperative private-sector initiative. We represent the emerging consensus of a pro-bono coalition of over 100 leaders and experts drawn from a wide range of Palestinian and international civil-society groups, technical organizations and funding institutions.

This blueprint defines principles for the long-term economic reconstruction and development of Palestine.

Even as conflict continues, it is not too early to set out an inclusive and robust plan for economic reconstruction.

How can we create the most value for the greatest number of Palestinians? Which initiatives should be prioritized? How should we coordinate efforts so they can be more productive?

See also: Gaza Early Recovery, Re-Construction and Resilience Programme (UNDP 3/2024)

PALESTINE EMERGING is an informed and ambitious framework intended to guide actions related to economic stabilization, infrastructure networks, social assets, economic growth, soft power, and community engagement. It offers a framework to help coordinate wider multi-stakeholder efforts. We anticipate our vision will serve a national agenda, stressing relationships between Gaza and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) as part of an integrated, independent Palestinian State.


We consciously choose not to address political preconditions or reiterate historical definitions. While we acknowledge these issues are relevant, others will address them elsewhere.  We believe that informed, long-term understanding of economic needs and opportunities will contribute to political resolution and it is in this spirit that we have come together to produce PALESTINE EMERGING

Throughout this document, body text occasionally appears in bold font. These instances represent specific ideas that were introduced, socialized, and accepted during extended discussions. Stakeholders are continuing to develop many of these ideas independently. 

PALESTINE EMERGING seeks to complement the immediate actions of humanitarian aid agencies with ideas for long-term local capability building and investment.

Food security

Meet the population’s basic needs.

Occupancy assistance 

Deliver innovative solutions for interim camps/temporary housing.

Energy/water supply 

Provide interim sources before independent supply can be developed.

Hazard removal 

Focus on unexploded ordnance and debris clearance.


Immediate interventions at massive scale.

Building condition assessment 

Address vertical assets and public realm. 

Security (policing) 

Address threats from opportunistic militias.

Definition of titles and rights 

Address contested property.

Family reunification

Focus on social work and mental health.

Stakeholder and resource coordination 

Align actions and priorities.