The recent ‘Roof Over Our Heads’ campaign launched at COP27 helps vulnerable and informal settlements build better. The ‘Mahila Mandal’ or ‘women’s club’ is the lead organization driving the implementation.

PALESTINE EMERGING supports working with civil society groups and leaders to understand their needs, map their skills, and help them prepare for employment and post-conflict transition.

Use combinations of in-person and digital forums to encourage constructive contributions by individuals, families, representatives of civil society groups, and surrounding communities. Offer leadership development programs to build capacity for strategic collaborations with international agencies. Define anchor projects rooted in community and family networks. Prepare local communities for activities related to reconstruction. Longer-term, build permanent governance structures that coordinate efforts with related international stakeholders.

Support a Palestinian Fund for Reconstruction and Development, an over-arching interdisciplinary ministry responsible for overseeing reconstruction, continuously adapting to community needs and feedback, and ensuring effective and inclusive progress. This body will complement the Agency for Reconstruction in implementing critical infrastructure projects. 

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Establish a Covenant of Mayors, a formal agreement among local governorates to actively participate in and advance reconstruction efforts, emphasizing the crucial role of local governance in the development process.

Promote Youth Engagement Programs. These will include online and in-person initiatives to encourage civic engagement and enhance employability. Related programs will focus on training for freelancing, volunteering, and participation in community projects. Create a shadow board in the agency for reconstruction to ensure youth participation.

Launch Professional and Investment Training programs to attract local and international investments, leveraging the Palestinian diaspora and international volunteers for the development of commercial skills.

Host Citizen Assembly Platforms. These digital forums, managed through pre-agreed protocols, allow the public to communicate their needs directly to delivery agencies, establishing a responsive dialogue between communities and reconstruction bodies. 

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Launch Pro-Bono Legal Workshops to educate local communities on legal processes and rights, which will be useful for navigating business and land acquisition challenges during reconstruction, while enhancing legal literacy and empowerment. 

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Organize a Palestinian Diaspora Network to engage with Palestine-related affairs. The network will offer mentorship and networking components, pairing diaspora with local Palestinians.

Convene a Women’s Club, a secure forum to enfranchise women and young family members and incentivize them to participate in community planning and the broader reconstruction process. Create a global mentorship program to match local women leaders with international women mentors to provide advice, guidance and support.