soft power

Soft power is a persuasive approach to international relations. It seeks to shape the preferences of others through voluntary appeals, and typically involves the use of economic or cultural influence. 

Develop an uplifting post-crisis brand to shape an overall narrative, creating a messaging strategy and key visuals as a nation branding exercise. Launch a tourism marketing campaign aimed at dedicated target groups in selected markets.

Restore historical and cultural sites in Gaza and the West Bank. Consider cultural development strategies implemented in Italy and France. Ensure accessibility, create interpretation centers and education programs. 

Launch a Palestine Film Strategy. Invest in a streaming-compatible mini-series or a Palestinian telenovela reflecting Palestine’s everyday culture and lifestyle. (Role model: South Korea). 

Host a Palestine National Expo as a 3-4 month long event on land reclaimed for the the future Gaza Island Port. Highlight themes related to cultural reconnection. Use exhibitions and pavilions to showcase related projects outlined in this report. 

Establish a comprehensive initiative to establish, support and boost creative industries as a major theme in the region. Create studio districts with subsidized spaces for creative activities. Develop environments in the metaverse and other virtual worlds (leveraging 5G connectivity) where Palestinians can define their identities, create virtual tourism activities, and realize “regulatory arbitrage” advantages. 

Offer a Palestine Tourism Initiative, to attract diaspora and other nationals to Palestinian cultural life. Develop industry-scale tourism for both Gaza and the West Bank by promoting relevant sites and destinations. Prepare an enabling and quality training program for small hotels and inns. 

Anchor a small number of “PalestiNext” hubs at key global locations (Cairo, Dubai, Istanbul, Singapore, London, California, Shenzhen, Bangalore), to serve as go-to places for technology and other future-oriented companies, people, and associations to liaise and connect with the local tech/entrepreneur/future ecosystem. Representatives from Palestinian companies, platforms and the start-up ecosystem will run these “PalestiNext” hubs. 

Begin to prepare for a National Memorial by establishing a Memorial Task Force so commemorative dialogue can be as constructive as possible. The Task Force will be supported by a technical advisory committee and staff, in cooperation with agencies charged with reconstruction. Identify a joint commemorative site and develop a broad and inclusive memorial design process, which will ultimately incorporate an urban icon and interpretive center. Integrate the memorial site into broader plans for economic reconstruction.